Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Chao Yen Teochew Cuisine @ Lot LG 311A, Lower Ground Floor, 1Utama Shopping Centre

It has been a while since my last post! I don't know whether I'm being lazy or I was too busy (distracted) with works lately... or maybe it's a mixture of both :P one thing for sure, the backlogs are getting even longer and some of them are as old as 8-9 months!

Actually I wanted to post something up yesterday but the Streamyx failed on me again for no apparent reason. So I am taking my own sweet time to draft a few posts at the moment, and then post them up once the internet is back to normal again. Two posts in a week should clear most of them in 2 months or so... I guess. I mean, that is, if I am consistent and determined enough to type the posts everyday... LOL!

Personally, I love Teo Chew cuisine - be it Teo Chew porridge, Teo Chew duck or even fish, but I have yet to try a full course of Teo Chew cuisine. that is, until I found Chao Yen. Located in the New Wing of 1Utama Shopping Centre right next to Otak-Otak and New York Deli, Jenn & I tried out their food one evening after finished buying groceries from Cold Storage.

Intriqued by their menu and also comtemporary interior, we stepped in only to be greeted promptly by the waiter who attended to us. Talking about good service :)

Braised pork ribs with bittergourd @ RM20 - yellow bean soup base was used to our delight because it was healthy to our body. The presence of bittergourd did not make the soup bitter at all and the pork ribs were braised until tender.

Crispy marinated duck @ RM20 - thinly sliced duck meat was the highlight as this dish was aromatic and it tasted even better once we dipped the meat into the accompanying plum sauce. however, this dish would be perfect if the meat was more tender.

Haidang steamed tofu with egg & dried scallops @ RM20 - another hit with us. The dish was served steaming hot and the usage of mushroom, dried scallop and spring onions enhanced the dish further.

Teo Chew sweetened mashed yam with ginkgo nuts @ RM6 - not every place is able to nail it right with this dessert but Chao Yen served a commendable version.

Leo's verdict - overall our dinner was satisfactory. No matter how busy the waiter/waitress was, they would try their best to accommodate to our request.. something which a lot of restaurants failed to do especially when they were packed. Not a cheap option to dine but then the food was good to say the least! Winning the Best Restaurant in 2009, this Teo Chew restaurant definitely deserves a rave review!

1) I'm not paid to promote/endorse any particular event, restaurant or person in this blog. ALL are based on my unbiased personal opinion.
2) My reviews are based on my personal taste and preference and therefore may vary for others.


Sean said...

teochew food is quite interesting, rite. pretty different from other types of chinese cuisine. though i sometimes get the impression that it can be too salty?
p.s. i love teochew porridge too. especially with the soft peanuts and hard-boiled egg, i think :D

PureGlutton said...

I have eaten here once which was not very memorable. Maybe it's time for a revisit.

thenomadGourmand said...

Come come.. let us tale u to atr Teo Chew place. quite good. cheras one..

eiling lim said...

the interior of this place looks good. and i love teo chew porridge but don't really know how to appreciate other teo chew food.

thule a.k.a leo said...

Sean - the reason why you got the salty impression is that the important ingredients in Teo Chew stuff are salty...

thule a.k.a leo said...

pureglutton - maybe :)

becky - cheras ah?? can.. but have to plan properly lo

eiling - try it once and you might just love it :)

jason said...

The steamed tofu dish looks really good! Maybe can come here with a bigger group.