Wednesday, July 7, 2010

KTZ Food @ SS2 PJ

We, the Chinese, simply love dessert! I'm not sure if we are the race that invented the concept of dessert but one thing for sure, we are very good at coming out with a lot of choices for desserts.

In KL, we are spoilt with choices to satisfy our sweet teeth. So many places have sprung up lately but there is one that will always hold a special place in my heart. KTZ Food or simply called "Kei Tak Sik" (Remember to eat in Cantonese) have been doing brisk business for a very long time. Originated from Kepong Baru (their very first outlet), they have actually opened up branches in 1Utama, SS2 and Jalan Imbi (but has since moved to Low Yat Plaza). Their former Jalan Imbi outlet was the one that I patronised the most when I came to KL more than 13 years ago! I remember that it used to be the IT thing to bring girls here for desserts. Back then, it was quite easy to charm the way into their heart with sweet desserts :P just like what I did!

Enough of the history lesson, it's time to get back to the desserts. The time I came to their SS2 outlet, they had just renovated the entire premise. Now the outlet spotted modern Oriental feeling. All the spaces are utilised by using square or rectangular tables. coming here at night and you would normally be greeted by the sight of this! (full house) Normally the turnover is rather fast as some patrons would leave as soon as new customers come. I was considered lucky that night as a table was made available when I arrived.

Jenn & I normally come here for their dessert, be it hot or cold. For me there is one and only one thing that I will order - Mango Loh @ RM6.00. Probably one of the best place to feast on this delectable and sweet stuff in Klang Valley.

Jenn has this Peanut butter (Fa Sang Wu) @ RM2.60 - too sweet to our liking, very artificial. Chef Loong (also in SS2) whip out kick-ass fa sang wu IMHO!

Wall band @ RM3.80 - I wonder how they came up with this English name. It's woh beng in Cantonese :P this dish is actually lotus seed paste. Taste-wise was OK, however the crust was not crispy.

Leo's verdict - Apart from dessert, they also offer some other food items in the menu - all with the hits and misses. One particular dish that I like is their Noodle with preserved vegetable and minced meat, Not really a good place to chat as it was very noisy. Located on the same row with Sanbanto, expect this place to be packed with patrons at nights and parkings are hard to find. If you are patient enough, you can reward yourself with a bowl of sweet dessert to cool yourself down afterwards.

P.S: I just noticed that Joe of lotsofcravings just posted a blog on KTZ in Kepong :) check him out


Sean said...

Guess what ... I've never been to ktz, though I do remember seeing the ss2 branch ... Must check it out someday, before I become the only Chinese person in KL who hasn't eaten there! :D

Paranoid Android said...

Been there before! Yay! Love their Mango Lou and Mat Tou Lou, Sai kao and Pork Ribs rice. Parking is not too bad but have to pay exorbitant charges at the empty field next to HLB (not expensive, but the parking is full of potholes and puddles).

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

haha this looks tons better than the kepong shop beside the road!

J said...

What funny timing - it's like you and Joe were doing a special post on KTZ branches! :)
(Yummy. Love the Mango Lo Lo there - so refreshing...)
(Oh btw, emailed the map and details of the Sang Har Mein place to your gmail already)

babe_kl said...

My fave place for tong shui and lolo. Funny I still prefer sit by the road side in Kepong. The food tasted better this way :p

BTW the Low Yat branch closed already cos it's really a bad location. They should have opened inside the complex not outside.

vialentino said...

tis is my fav dessert place ...always dine here for supper...can say my pak toh place with my wife many years ago

vialentino said...

yes bro....spain won ... hope u enjoy ur wc match ... have a nice day...

mimid3vils said...

Kepong outlet is just walking distance from my hse but I seldom visit them but their business is really good, always fullhouse lor