Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Elegant Inn @ Menara Hap Seng KL

Have I ever mentioned that Sher Ryn is like 9-days younger than her cousin? That's not an important issue but this blog has something to do with what I've said earlier. If you know when Sher Ryn's birthday is, then most likely you will know how old this blog is :P

As you know, Jenn & I celebrated Sher Ryn's birthday at New Formosa's. A week before that, we went to Elegant Inn in Menara Hap Seng for her cousin's birthday dinner. Initially they wanted to dine at their Connaught's outlet since it was nearer to Cheras home but for the same price and food, why not settle for a better ambience??? And it marked my first time coming to the much hyped refurbished Menara Hap Seng (previously MUI Plaza).

Since we arrived here 30 minutes earlier than the appointed time, I had plenty of time to take pictures of the place and its surrounding! Using the best settings, I took some pictures but some of them still turned out rather dark, especially inside the restaurant.

Craving for seafood??? Just make sure that the wallet is thick enough :) or else, credit card would suffice!

One year old Sher Ryn together with her equally gorgeous mom!

Initially I wanted to suggest that we went for a-la-carte but 1) Jenn's sis didn't want to crack her head and 2) her husband was paying for the meal, therefore I zipped my mouth. They settled for the Wealthy Menu which was priced at RM988++

The first to arrive at our table was of course the Yee Sang... aptly named Bountiful Harvest Salmon Lou Sang, it was truly a fresh sight to see :)

Ingredients such as abalone, jellyfish, salmon, shredded carrot, cucumber slices and pears were thrown in.

Hopefully it'd be a good year for everyone who "lou' it! What I loved most about the yee sang was that it tasted as fresh as it sounded! Everyone praised the freshness of all the ingredients, and felt healthier too.

Braised shark fin with dried scallop and Bamboo Pitt came next - not much of shark fin. I know that this dish was controversial but then I was not the one who ordered it. apart from that, the soup was flavourful.. good till the last drop!

Steamed estuary garoupa with dried prawns and winter vegetable - I had two rather not-so-pleasant experience on estuary garoupa prior to this meal. However, I was wow-ed this time... as the meat was firm & flaky. The winter vegetable used has sweetish note in it. Blissful!

Steamed Chinese Village Chicken with fragrant sesame sauce - accompanying ginger dipping was superb! Normally I was not a fan of steamed chicken as I prefer roasted or fried chicken but I had to give this dish a thumb up. The chicken meat was Succulent and smooth, and sesame seeds used made this dish more aromatic. Exceptional!

Sauteed Sea Tiger Prawn with goose liver and Chinese Olive - to-die-for gravy made possible by the usage of foie gras. Those huge tiger prawns were fresh and when they were paired with the gravy, each and every of them were finger lickin' good :)

Eight Vegetarian Treasures in Chef's Sauce - thin & crispy fu chuk, lotus root slice, celery, black fungus, shredded spicy scallops, cabbage, mushroom and red chilly were used in this dish. Something not so heavy to prepare us to the next dish.

Braised Chinese Egg Noodle with Australian Abalone and fish maw - one slice of abalone & fish maw per diner (not more and not less). Egg noodle was done just right with lip-smacking egg gravy. I thought that the noodles were soggy when I first saw the dish but I was wrong!

Pan fried traditional rice cake and hazelnut cookies - nothing much to shout about the cookies but the pan fried "nian gao" was a delight to eat. Normally this nian gao is available during Chinese New Year!

Double boiled sea coconut, lily bulbs, longan in ginger soup - the dessert signalled the end of our satisfying meal.

Leo's verdict - Yeah I know... this menu is not available anymore. Actually I'm planning my second visit to Elegant Inn to try their a-la-carte dishes that I have read so much in other blogs. There are still many items that I have not got to try yet. Price-wise it's more towards fine Chinese dining but I reckon that the money was well worth spent :)

And yes, we still had time to cut the birthday cake.

Elegant Inn
2.01, 2nd Floor, Podium Block
Menara Hap Seng
Jalan P.Ramlee
50250 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-20709399

P.S: Non-Halal


Sean said...

food looks yummy (i'm especially trying to imagine the plump, juicy prawns with rice foie gras sauce), but ya, RM1,000 does seem to be rather pricey (errm, although is it for a table of 10 people?). but still kinda worth it, with those premium ingredients...

J said...

Ooooh. Everything looks yummy! :)
(Tsk tsk.. Eating shark's fin?? You think if you didn't order it means you are not guilty too? :P Haha....)

qwazymonkey said...

Wah they really go all out with their premium ingredient. Prawn and Duck liver = pure indulgent.

So what did sheryn actually eat? Mwahahah!

eiling lim said...

nice template. i was in EI last 2 weeks and I find it very nice. The private rooms has got outdoor balcony and have a nice view of KLCC too. nice!

CUMI & CIKI said...

Sher Ryn together with her equally gorgeous mom.. agree!

love the food here. pricey but great choice!

PureGlutton said...

Hmm... yee sang and nian gao - u sure u didnt eat this at CNY??
Everything looks yummy :-)

ClumSy Chic said...

What a lucky 1 year old kid^~^ The food looks yum-yum~~

vialentino said...

wow....really nice and elegant food indeed....like the garoupa fish....

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Love the food here. The owner is really passionate about food too!

Paranoid Android said...

It sounds like a CNY dinner, but all the dishes names are auspicious hor? I think it is time for a revisit.

thule a.k.a leo said...

Sean - well like I said, I was not the one who's paying

J - what to do??? feel guilty but after that no more :P

qwazymonkey - Sher Ryn ate porridge that was cooked by her mom with love!

eiling - agreeD!!!

cumi&ciki - thanks ciki! I guess it's the price to pay for good food

pureglutton - it's shortly after CNY :P

clumsy chic - yup! u should go there one day!

vialentino - luckily the fish didn't disappoint me this time!

LL - but I dind't get to meet the owner like you!

PA - yeah.. it was shortly after CNY in the month of March :P

jason said...

You upgraded your camera!