Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Teh Tarik Place @ Rainforest 1Utama Shopping Centre

Who likes to shop at 1Utama Shopping Centre??? Hmmm... maybe I should re-phrase my question. Who doesn't like to shop in 1Utama Shopping Centre?

When I came to study in KL in year 1997, 1Utama was one of THE shopping mall to go in PJ area beside Sunway Pyramid which was obviously closer to where I stayed in Subang. Most of you might still remember IKEA which was then located near Jusco, which has been turned into ENEOS Home Centre now. What about those hip clubbing place such as Spoon??? I especially love this club as it churned out my favourite songs at that time. Then IKEA moved to their very own IKANO Power Centre while the club closed. I assumed the worst as most people only went to 1Utama for IKEA. I turned out to be wrong, as they expanded to opposite road.. building up a new phase with a bridge linking between the two. Business is as good as ever.. more shops and restaurants have opened for business. Now everytime I go there, I have to think "to Old Wing or New Wing leh"?

Anyway Jenn and I went to the New Wing most of the time compared to Old Wing, unless we want to buy groceries at Jusco Supermarket or during Jusco Day. Normally we would arrive at 1Utama at 10am when most shops are yet to open for business. In which we would look for a place for brekkie to fill up our tummy first. Most of the times it would be Kluang Station coz nothing beats a good glass of tea/coffee to kick start the day! But one morning we spotted this Teh Tarik Place located outside at The Rainforest near Kluang Station. Judging from the settings, both of us agreed that it was a mamak restaurant. After browsing through the menu, we decided to try out the place to see if the food was as good as it looked in the pictures.

Wooden tables and chairs matched very well with the colour of the wall but there was something wrong with the interior... did you notice it?

THIS!!! Somehow I didn't think that the lamps blended in well with the whole place.

We ordered teh tarik since I love drinking it at mamak stall. Costing RM2.20... I immediately regret my decision after the first sip. It was disastrous but I didn't know how to put in words. Everything went south from there!

Nasi lemak ayam rendang @ RM7.90 - Jenn's order proved to be wrong. The rice was soft and mushy which was very obvious even in the picture itself. Rendang ayam was nothing to shout of.. gravy was decent but quite watery. We suspect that it was yesterday's leftover! After 2 or 3 bites, she had no more appetite to continue eating.

Mee Goreng Mamak @ RM5.90 - my choice fared better but lack of wok hei. A bit warm in which I think that they re-heat the dish using microwave. The only thing worth mentioning was one huge prawn which was fresh and bouncy!

Leo's verdict - basically this place is a high-end mamak concept. Service was rather slow despite not so many diner (I think only my family and another family). I seldom condemn a place but I'd rather hop back to Kluang Station and stick to our regular order in which we really did this time!! Jenn was still hungry :)


Wilson & Rachel said...

really that bad?!!

thenomadGourmand said...

i sooooo agree!! Unka n I had the WORST milky fish head noodles..
It was his request tht I didnt blog abt it

Sean said...

ouh i've been meaning to try this place out at their branch in the curve. ok, better avoid then. :D so it's one of those weird-tasting teh tariks, huh. yeah, the food looks unappetising, especially the terrible fried egg...
1 utama holds good memories for me too. when i was living in kl for the first time back in 1997, i used to hang out here, watched titanic, as good as it gets and good will hunting at tgv here after work... ate at dave's deli :D

thule a.k.a leo said...

wilson - becky has answered ur question :)

becky - should have blogged about it.. now I kena pulak! lol

sean - lol... I came to KL in 97 too :P normally I'd watch movie in TGV Sunway unless I managed to ask Jenn out for a date (she lived in kepong at that time)

J said...

Hmmm.... what a waste! :(

But I guess it's the below par places like this that make us appreciate the good food in other places? :)

CUMI & CIKI said...

keep up to good blog, and gr8 to have met you this year!!

Merry Christmas and happy new year babes..see you in 2010!! muaks!

thule a.k.a leo said...

J - maybe :)

cumi&ciki - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you both!!!

jibran said...

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