Wednesday, May 20, 2009

CM Home's @ Tropicana Mall, SS2 PJ

Your family cafe... this is what they try to sell to the public. Not that I'm dumb enough to take the bait, but I'd done my chores for the day, and it was time for lunch. Initially we planned to go to Solaris Mont Kiara which we'd passed by earlier, but Jenn wanted to go someplace nearer to home... so we settled for Tropicana Mall. Parking was not a problem at all, as it was newly opened and not many people. I think most people still prefer to go to 1 Utama, Mid Valley or Sunway Pyramid as opposed to this neighbourhood mall due to more choices.

The whole place looked deserted even on weekends... well, it's too early to tell as the mall was new and not all shops were opened yet.

We scouted from Ground floor to Second floor for a place to eat. Sushi Tei was one of the places that I wanted to try but since Jenn couldn't eat raw stuff, we passed. In the end, we settled for CM Home's. The name didn't sound attractive nor creative enough but its menu looked promising.

Bunting outside its entrace to show some of their foods... plus very short mascot of the premise.

The interior decor is nothing to shout of... look like regular cafe everywhere.

I ordered what made me came here at the first place... pepper salt sotong @ RM8.90 - crispy on the outside, chewy and piping hot on the inside! A bit salty though...

Portugese Chicken Chop rice @ RM10.50 - I don't really like the sauce on top of the chicken chop, as it felt like mayonnaise mixed with some seasonings... but then the portion was big.

Special Taste Spare Ribs Rice @ RM12.90 - the pork meat was stewed together with a secret recipe (trade secret according to them) and it was very tender and the gravy went very well with the rice. But be careful of the bone bits that were scattered inside the gravy.

Honey Lemon Ice @ RM5.90 - now, I finally found a place that offered full flavoured drink... unlike other places which are diluted!

Leo's verdict - I used my ixus870 for the first time to take pictures. The quality was good :) by the way, the food was OK but not that great and the portion can be quite big for some people.


"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

who complains portions are big???? apa la..

CUMI & CIKI said...

why is the place so empty... hmmmm

thule a.k.a leo said...

joe - those who has small appetite :P

c&c - ya loh... I was reluctant to go in at first but then my hunger said it all!!!

Jason said...

Thanks for trying out the makan places in the mall... so I know which to go and which not to :P

thenomadGourmand said...

go Santini laa.. pizzas r quite gd!

JoinMe said...

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