Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Restoran Ang Kee @ SS2 Chow Yang

Reading about this place from a fellow blogger, I immediately made plan to come here one day. As Jenn & I are fans of good Chinese food, we can't really miss out Ang Kee, especially when it's so near to our home.

The restaurant was already full by the time we arrived at 7pm. The patrons here are mostly families. After waiting for about 10 minutes, we got our table, but it was outside. Oh well, better than having to wait longer to table inside.

Something that we'd brought along - my tea collection which comprises of a small and cute teapot, 2 equally cute tea cups and my own green tea... perfect compliment for our food.

We started out one of the best dishes - buttermilk (nai yao) mantis prawn. The prawn meat was very crispy and the sauce was a bliss... a must try dish! It will make you wanna add another bowl of rice.

Buddha palm taufu - I ordered this dish on the recommendation of the boss without knowing on how they prepared this dish. However, I was glad that I did! There were 6 pieces of taufu mixed with fish meat were great! Topped with their delicious gravy that tasted like soy sauce, this dish is also highly recommended.

No complain for the stir fried veggie too!

Leo's verdict - Total bill came at RM31.00 for the dishes, 2 bowls of rice & a pot of hot water... very cheap by PJ's standard. Will be back again next time to taste other dishes...


Big Boys Oven said...

looks good not too expensive!

thule a.k.a leo said...

yeah... not only looks good... but taste good too! That explains on why they are always full house during lunch and dinner time... good food at reasonable price!