Thursday, March 26, 2009

Purple Cane Tea Restaurant @ Shaw Parade, Pudu KL

Jenn & I were quite free on one Sunday afternoon, as we had finished doing the chores for the weekend. I have just started to appreciate the art of tea, and wanted to buy tea sets to put at home. Where else to get them but at their HQ here in Pudu? They have a very large selection of tea, pots and accessories on the 1st floor. You can't really miss the signboard if you see Shaw Parade... too big to miss actually (lol!)

Before that, we had dinner at their restaurant which is situated in front of Shaw Parade. I really like the interior - the colour used is soft & the tables + chairs are simple.

I like their stand lamp too...

From the entrance, you would pass by the cashier and tea counter, with some selection of tea, teapots, cups and accessories. You can also opt to try the tea here. But for complete collection, one must proceed to the 1st floor.

Puer, long jing, black tea, oolong... you name it, they have it! Some selections are on promotion!

For starter, you probably would order their tea... after all, this is what they are famous for. They charge RM1.80 per pax doe their regular tea and up to RM12/pax for their premium selections, such as vintage puer. We had their regular Shui Xian tea.

Fried tea rice homemade style (long jing green tea) @ RM6.90 - a decent dish. Not much to rave about this.

Fried udon in black pepper sauce with tea mill (tie guan yin) @ RM7.90 - recommended by the waitress who attended to us, I like this dish... the black pepper sauce was not too strong and the udon mee was chewy... just the way I like it.

Green tea peanut paste @ RM3 - the texture is super smooth and also not too sweet. love it!

Part 2 - Jenn & I were back for the second time before the first one was posted... lol! This time I am going to write about their bah kut teh.. that's right!! you heard me... BAH KUT TEH!!! But I thought that Purple Cane doesn't serve pork?? Yes you are right.. coz they served chicken instead.. LOL!!! Actually Jenn & I had noticed this dish when we came here for the first time. But it was too late, as we'd ordered other dishes. So we planned this trip to Purple Cane again.

The bah kut teh came in claypot @ RM22.. and was kept hot with fire below! The soup was spiced up using herbs and oolong tea. Cabbage & golden needle mushroom were given too :)

Taufu pok came separately...

Bah kut teh for me... is not complete without yaw char koay (dough fritter). Very crispy... and I love it!

Tea egg (lychee black tea) @ RM1 per piece - just as nice!

Ice lemon green tea @ RM5.90 - full of flavour and worth every penny paid!

Leo's verdict - For many people, this dish will be less aromatic due to the chicken meat instead of pork. However, kudos to Purple Cane for coming out with their version of "kai" kut teh. The soup was not too strong with herbal taste though. It will depend on your preference in the end. For those who don't eat pork, this is as good as it gets!

With other outlets in The Garden Mid Valley and Chinese Assembly Hall (Jalan Maharajalela)... do check out on discounts given using certain credit cards! For me, I am their member so I get the discount all the times :)


SimpleGirl said...

congrats on you new born baby girl!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

chicken BKT reminds me of the pork crisis years ago, what was it again, the disease that made no 1 touch pork for a long long time..

CUMI & CIKI said...

hmm.. not a place i would eat coz got so many other coffee shops to chose from wor ;D

Jason said...

I think Purple Cane is very chinese (if you understand what I mean) :)

Kinda like their soups.

J2Kfm said...

the desserts all nice, without overwhelming tea scent.

tried the one at The Gardens.

btw, chicken one not called Chic-Kut-Teh by some? :)

thenomadGourmand said...

green tea peanut paste?? I want!!

Catfish said...

I agree totally with J2Kfm... The dessert is excellent...

All the foods taste all at the right taste buds... not too sweet... not too salty...

In gardens, there is a set menu for bak kut teh: