Monday, September 5, 2011

Delicious Lam Mee with Chinese wine

My first trip to Wei Sun was back in 2009... click here for my post back then!

I have never thought that I would be coming back here for the second time given that this restaurant is located in Kepong and I hardly venture into this area. One thing for sure is that everytime I come to KL, I would pass by Kepong before turning into LDP heading towards BU. It happened that it was almost noon by the time we passed by Kepong and both Jenn and her parents were hungry. Restoran Wei Sun came to mind and I immediately turned into Bandar Manjalara.

Lucky for us it was not lunch time yet and therefore parking were relatively easy to find and we quickly made our way to the restaurant.

Their signature Lam Mee is a must-order dish! It was prepared using 3 different type of Chinese wine to create a distinctive taste to the broth - and the wine blended very well with the flavour of Lam Mee's broth!

You'd find abalone slices, fresh prawns and ham slices together with the smooth & springy lam mee. I love the mee in its original flavour but being Jenn, she had to add vinegar to have sourish flavour in it.

We also ordered their buttermilk (nai yau) squid in 2 styles - dry style with egg floss; and wet style. Both excelled and we enjoyed having this together with the Lam Mee :)

Leo's verdict - they still manage to maintain the standard of Lam Mee which is a plus point as the objective for Jenn & I to travel to this particular place was for the dish. Too bad that we didn't travel far nowadays in search for good food, as the two little brats would be grumpy and the dining experience would not be that good.

Restoran Wei Sun
No.47, Ground Floor, Jalan 9/62A
Bandar Manjalara
52200 Kepong

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6 comments: said...

Was there many years ago even before I am a blogger, must say that Lam Mee is really good!

Hayley said...

Wow, it looks yummy and special!

Sean said...

looks like the broth is worth licking to the last spoonful, right :D

eiling lim said...

wah the buttermilk squid looks really nice but think of the "cholesterol" and i'll shiver...

CUMI & CIKI said...

I'll eat this, but Cumi won't! He doesn't like chinese wine! LOL

Alan said...

To be frank te current Wei Sun SIK CHAU LOH MEE is not as good as it used to be when the original owner was still around . Then the restaurant was sold to the current owner and the original chef did follow the new owner and parted ways in the end.

But good news is that the original chef ( name Ah Leong ) is setting up his own not far away from Wei Sun. Look out for a stall which operates at night near the Starplus badminton court , just opposits a Tenaga sub-station.