Thursday, June 23, 2011

I'm back from Bangkok!!

There is something about Thailand that makes me want to go back there again and again. I tried to figure out on what was the pulling factor - was it due to the fact that I have 25% Thai blood running inside my veins? Never mind the fact that I am clueless when it comes to speaking Thai. My maternal grandmother who came from a small town north of Bangkok was married to my grandfather (Chinese) and moved to Malaysia. Therefore my mother didn't know how to speak Thai as she practically grew up in a village that only speaks Cantonese. When she told me about this, I didn't take it seriously. I mean... seriously.. who would care or remember all these when they were small?

Now, I love almost everything about Thai - the food, the people and their culture! I am now learning to speak Thai although it is still in the beginning stage :) In Malaysia, I would go everywhere just to sample good Thai food but no matter where I go, nothing beats eating the food in the country itself. Even som tam that is sold on the side street was great! My last trip to Bangkok was in July 2006 with Jenn but we were still green on the capital of Thailand then.

Opportunity came when Jenn had to attend seminar in Bangkok! Plans were made quickly just to utilise our time while in Bangkok. We were so excited that both of us lost our motivation to work a few days before the trip. It has been a while since the last time we stepped into KLIA just to board a plane. I think it was 4 years ago when we went for our honeymoon in Italy and French Riviera and after that we had to settle for LCCT as we flew via Air Asia most of the time.

Look at Jenn's excited face

Finally, we boarded the plane through Gate H8

Sunset never looks so beautiful - taken from our window seat as we were approaching Bangkok airport!

A summary of what we had done during our trip!

Prayer at Erawan Shrine

McDonald - it's a must for me everytime as I crave for their Samurai Pork Burger :P

Shopping (of course!)

This is only a fraction on what we have bought... wait till you see the rest! LOL!!

Bird nest @ Chinatown

Aromatheraphy massage @ Healthland Spa, Sathorn Road in Silom. Got ourselves couple room and pampered for 1.5 hours. A must go if you are into massage as they have many branches in Bangkok (google ok?)

Walking around the street of Bangkok. It was an eye opener to see how people in Bangkok carry on their daily lives. Not much difference from Kuala Lumpur but I think that they are more contended and happy.

Romantic dinner by the famous Chao Phraya river.

Enjoying the night view of Bangkok city from our hotel room. Will post more about this hotel on the next blog

Bacon!!! Can't get enough of it!

Not much of sightseeing this time as we were really busy shopping! Remember that I wrote that Jenn practically want to change her wardrobe?? Well, she almost reached her goal :P we went there with one bag and came back with 4! Our legs were tired due to the walking and we went for foot massage almost everyday after shopping.

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Sean said...

heheh, hope u're not too sad to be back in malaysia. looks like a great, fun trip :D

Hayley said...

Welcome back!! I so wanna go BKK, shopping paradise!! =)

June said...

love the night view photo and the fish salivating

J said...

Looks like u and Jenn had an awesome holiday! So happy to see that :)

CUMI & CIKI said...

Fabulous honeymoon hor? love the twin massage beds and the romantic river dinner! you really swept your wife off her feet all over again. Good for you! :D