Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Vietnam Kitchen @ 1Utama Shopping Centre

Mention that you want to go to 1Utama on weekends and the image of being caught in a massive jam came to mind. Well, unless you go there early in the morning. Imagine that you want to relax and shop in the comfort of a shopping mall only to be greeted with the sight of everyone jamming into the mall, and you had to spend a very long time just to secure a parking spot (unless you are really lucky!!). Once I took about 45 minutes just to find one and it was so freaking far away from the entrance... sigh!!! But now 1Utama turn out to be my favourite place to go :) why? All because parking is not an issue anymore!

My first time here was with a customer but since I was on official business, I could not simply whip out my camera. But that's different story when I'm with family... wherever I go these days, I would bring along my camera. The HM didn't complain when I was with Ixus but now started to make noise as I have changed to bigger and bulkier Canon EOS DSLR :P anyway, that's another story altogether...

Vietnam Kitchen is located on the 2nd Floor of the new wing of 1Utama Shopping Centre, which is on the same row as Chili's and Dragon-i. Its menu is placed at the entrance for passerbys to peruse.

Its inside was spacious and cosy.

Contemporary design mixed with some traditional elements was used as decor.

Grilled lemongrass pork chop set @ RM16.90 - comprises of Vietnamese spring roll, a bowl of soup, salad, egg, and rather thin piece of pork chop. Forget about the soup, the salad was mediocre at best, spring roll was good but slightly oily. The pork chop however has a distinct lemongrass flavour and slightly charred. It would have been perfect it it was a little bit thicker and tender. For someone who loves lemongrass and pork, this is a must-try item.

Vietnamese Sesame Chicken @ RM12.90 - essentially it's some kind of deep fried chicken coated with caramelised sauce and sesame seed. Crispy on the outside while moist on the inside, this dish won us over with its sweetish taste and the aroma of sesame.

Cucumber lemon soda @ RM6.90 - odd combination but rather refreshing :)

Leo's verdict - To be honest, Vietnamese food is not really on top of my eat-list but I was in for a surprise. It changed my perception and now whenever I crave for Vietnamese food, either this place or DuViet (Uptown 37) will be my choice.

Vietnam Kitchen
Lot S312, 2nd Floor,
1 Utama Shopping Centre,
Lebuh Bandar Utama,
47800 Petaling Jaya
Tel:03-7724 1336

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timing said...

The only vietnamese food I really eat is Pho. Steak Brisket and Flank baby! :D

J2Kfm said...

True enough, I believe this was the first place I had Vietnamese food in KL back then. Nowadays there are so many choices to eat in the malls, Vietnam Kitchen seems redundant somehow.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

1U no problem with parking? I thought it was always crazy in there!

Hayley said...

I always pass by this restaurant only, din't really try their food yet..

Sean said...

oooh, i actually forgot that they serve pork here! :D

foodbin said...

apply for a One Card for easier parking.

KY said...

always love their lemongrass chicken, but their pho's not so great tho.

jason said...

VK still serve the better vietnamese food out there. Duviet is rather skimp on the portion. My fav is Viet Passion but they've closed down :(

J said...

That reminds me - used to eat in Vietnam Kitchen a lot... Haven't been back there for a while though...

Life for Beginners said...

There's just something very refreshing about Vietnamese food. Wish there was a decent Viet restaurant near my place.

thule a.k.a leo said...

timing - actually I haven't really tried pho :P

j2kfm - it's just Vietnamese food does not really popular among Malaysian I guess

Joe - if you know where to park :)

hayley - when u come here to shop, do drop by...

Sean - yes.. porkylicious

foodbin - Ah.. it's not easy to park even with One Card

KY - really????

Jason - so far the only places that I'd eaten Viet food are VK and DuViet

J - time for a re-visit?

LFB - where do you stay?