Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cheras Flat Fish Head Mee Hoon @ Kg. Chempaka, Petaling Jaya

To those who have tried Cheras flat fish head meehoon, you'd know how delicious it can be. Forget about the scorching heat while having a bowl of fish head meehoon... I was not really a fan of this dish until Jenn converted me into one. Given the fact that Cheras is not exactly near where we lived, both of us could only enjoy this dish once in a blue moon.

Fast forward a few years later, we were driving to Aman Suria area to look for breakfast when we spotted banner with the word "Cheras Flat Fish Head Mee Hoon" along the road of BU11 & BU12. Our eyes were beaming with joy, thinking that they have opened a branch in PJ area. Feeling adventurous, we used a small road from Aman Suria leading all the way to Kg. Chempaka through the Chinese new village area.

It was our first time venturing into Kg. Chempaka area and I was worried that we couldn't find the place. After asking around, we finally saw the restaurant.

Parking was a major headache as it was near morning market (it was morning!) but lucky for us, we spotted a car leaving. Making our way into the restaurant, we realised that the place was rather stuffy and hot. The presence of wall fans hardly made a difference but since it was morning, the level was tolerable. Turn off No.1. Our tea was only so-so as it lack of body and creaminess that we always look for... turn off No.2

The proprietor noticed that I was snapping pictures and proceeded to ask me to take pictures of his stall. The mee hoon was made daily to ensure the freshness and QQ-ness

His foreign worker then brought out a tray of freshly fried fish head which emitted a pleasant aroma. We were really early that morning as they have just started preparing for business.

The fish head was then placed into a pan that was filled with boiling chicken stock

FYI, he made each and every order individually to make sure that the flavour remained the same. The mee hoon followed suit after a while. Tomato, ginger shreds and were thrown into the mix before evaporated milk was added in.

the outcome - steaming how bowl of fish head noodle ready to be consumed!

Leo's verdict - while the fish head meehoon was good, for some reason both of us thought that it lack something (we couldn't explain what) and slightly different from what we had in Cheras flat (specifically Taman Ikan Emas). Don't get the idea wrong - flavourwise it was good but not great. IMHO, Woo Pin at Taman Desa dishes out better version of fish head meehoon. But due to the proximity of this place and BU, we would most likely end up here again should we crave for fish head meehoon. For those with children, it is strictly not recommended as it can get pretty stuffy... with Sher Ryn and Keith along, Jenn & I would choose Homemade Fish Head Noodle in Dataran Sunway Kota Damansara instead and pay the premium just to enjoy the air-condition facility!

Cheras Flat Fish Head Mee Hoon
N0.496, Jalan PJU 1/6,
Kampung Cempaka, Petaling Jaya Selangor
Tel: 016-9287691

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Sean said...

the only fish head noodle i've had in the past two years is at grandmama's at pavilion. i keep reminding myself to try woo pin, but never make it to taman desa :D

Hayley said...

Wow, the fish looks not bad! There's a nice fish head beehoon stall here at my hometown, selling at RM7 per bowl.....

jason said...

Umm... me no fan of fish head... do they have fried fish paste instead?

Pete said...

He he he, fish head noodles...took me a long time to finish....eat slowly because lots of fish bones...LOL!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

no chinese wine? maybe thats the difference!

eiling lim said...

i'm sure the soup tasted very good. Maybe still lacked of chicken stock? haha

thule a.k.a leo said...

Sean - just wake up earlier!! you can do it!

hayley - the price certainly has gone up these days huh??

Jason - didn't ask wor..

Pete - same here :P

Joe - maybe la.. still can't explain

eiling - lol! maybe

UnkaLeong said...

Bro, there are one or two restaurants with some hidden gems in the area one :)

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