Monday, March 21, 2011

Medan Selera Kampar @ Kampar Perak

I hardly venture to the North! Few years ago, most of my customers were concentrated in the East Coast, South or Klang Valley... but never North. Then the economy suddenly became bad and a lot of my customers in Johor and Klang Valley were affected. Business were never the same again. Went through my business card holder for contacts & found several contacts from the Northern Region and thus my trip to the North began.

My first stop for the night was in Kampar town, now a bustling town thanks to the presence of TAR College and UTAR! My friend, Andy, lives here and he was kind enough to let me stay overnight at his place. He brought me to Medan Selera Kampar for breakfast early next morning. Parking wasn't easy to find even though it was weekday morning. According to Andy, most Chinese flocked to this foodcourt and surrounding area just to eat and buy groceries.

The foodcourt was huge and housed many stalls. Being first-timer, Andy brought me to his favourite breakfast spot. He commented that even though the food here was not spectacular or with the wow-factor, it was decent enough to warrant everyday trip here for the choices. I have seen Axian featuring some stalls in his TV program but to see them in real life.. this was my very first time! Look at the crowds! It was only weekday morning.. imagine the chaos during weekends :P

The main highlight should be this stall! Look carefully - it might look like an ordinary CKT stall but there's something different.

This guy was actually sitting on a stool while frying the CKT! Not that he was feeling tired of standing but it was the way since he started this business.

The CKT was different from those we had in Klang Valley - it was less dark, less oily and full of wok hei. however, the only thing that it lack was the flavour. It was rather bland and maybe that's why they threw in the lime and chilly. Andy said that the flavour had remained the same for the longest time. Perhaps it was my tastebud which had accustomed to the KL or Penang version.

Apart from that, we also had the glutonious sticky rice that was doused with curry and topped with lean char siew + peanuts. Not the one to shout about as well :)

My friend Andy had the wantan mee Kampar style that was slightly different from what we had everyday. The noodle was homemade (springy & QQ), bean sprout was included together with the normal char siew. I had a slurp and thought that it was well.. NORMAL!

I bought some thin apom from nearby stall after seeing a long queue waiting for the stuff. Unlike the usual apom, there was basically nothing inside which intriqued me.

Of course, they also sell the regular apom.

The apom was crispy & sweet! It is best to consume while hot because they would become soft once cold.

After the breakfast, I noticed a motorcycle selling a rather interesting stuff - ham kok chai! I don't know what it is called in English but it was good!

The speaker was turned on permanently and to some extent, the sound could get a little annoying.

Leo's verdict - after the first trip here, I had come back here for the second time with Jenn this time... the curry chee cheong fun was truly delicious but we forgot to take pictures! Do drop by this foodcourt if you happen to be in Kampar. This quiet town is nothing short of good food!

Between Jalan Masjid & Jalan Ampang,
Kampar, Perak, Malaysia.
GPS Coordinates : E101 9′ 1.6″ N4 18′ 51.5″

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J said...

Yummy! Some of that food looks really interesting - not the usual that can be found in KL/ PJ.

Sean said...

i've only been to kampar once, to visit my former uni mates, years ago! can't remember at all what i ate! errmm, kampar is famous for chicken biscuits, rite :D

玮灵WeiLing said...

I think it should be 'curry chicken bread' instead of chicken biscuit? Their curry chicken bread is quite famous. There is also a stall named 'Onn Kei' selling very nice beef noodles at Kampar.=)

boo_licious said...

I do love this food court, too bad the food was not up to std for you. You missed out on the fishballs, one of the most famous items in Kampar though.

Life for Beginners said...

Been to Kampar a couple of times but have mainly stuck to halal fare on account of my Muslim colleagues. Gotta try some authentic Kampar "cuisine" next time I'm there on my own! :)

P.S. It's good to see you bloggin again, bro! :D

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

your tastebuds have been spoilt in KL haha.

Hayley said...

Wah your food review really so detailed! Got GPS coordinates somemore ;)

thule a.k.a leo said...

J - yeah! you will be spoilt with so many choices. but not all are as good though :)

Sean - chicken biscuit belongs to bidor lah bro :)

weiling - I don't eat beef noodle unfortunately :(

boo - well, maybe I have such a high expectation.. perhaps I should lower it a lil bit

LFB - after so long :P hopefully I manage to motivate myself to post another one before this weekend

Joe - yup! You are right

hayley - detailed?? LOL!! No lah.. you should read others.. I'm lazy to type so long.. mostly summaries of what I felt

foodbin said...

i find the ham kok chai a bit salty and the speakers are real annoying.

jason said...

The ham kok chai seller has been around for many many years! It first started with his mom, now the son continue with the business.

iamthewitch said...

Ah you have tried most of the 'signature' items from the Kampar market I see! But you should try the pancake from the roadside just outside the foodcourt.. the one that uses charcoal. And there's the famous "Loh Kee" noodles with very delicious soup! And I love the paper thin apom! :)

eiling lim said...

yeah i think CKT in perak does taste very different from the penang version. Wow.. I can't recall when was my last visit to Kampar too! lol

UnkaLeong said...

We pulled up at Kampar during my recent trip with my friends. But we arrived late in the afternoon and didn't venture into the food court. I so wanted to try the CKT! Hahaha...

All of us ended up getting a massage in Kampar town though ;)