Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hometown @ Sunway Giza, Kota Damansara

Jenn & I stumbled upon this little outlet by coincidence. It was our first time going to Sunway Giza on a rainy Saturday evening. Since it was raining and rather cold, something hot, comforting and home-y came to our mind. Since all their tables were at the outdoor area, we could see the diners slurping the hot & steamy bowl of noodle from where we were standing.

This outlet is located next to Village Grocer at the cornermost area. Since the outlet's inner space is quite limited, all the tables and chairs are placed outside.

Hometown Curry Prawn Noodle @ RM12.90 (S) - the curry broth was packed with flavour and the noodle was obviously handmade instead of the commercial ones (no taste of preservatives at all!)... therefore, Jenn gave her approval on this dish. Throw in fu chuk, taufu pok, plump taugeh (bean sprout), cockles and 2 rather big fresh prawns and it's good to go :)

Hometown Meat Noodle @ RM12.90 - hakka style braised pork with black fungus. The saltiness level was just right and when the gravy was paired with the dry homemade noodle, every slurp was a JOY to me!

Thai style roll @ RM10 - nothing to shout about this dish (normal but non-oily) but the Thai style chilly sauce was quite addictive I'd say.

Leo's verdict - To those who doesn't mind being stared or sitting outside, then this is the place for you. Both Jenn & I were impressed by the food although we didn't have high expectation at first. An ad hoc decision to satisfy our hungry stomach with soupy and comfort dish ended up a little gem being unearthed! To those who has been to Sunway Giza before, this place is just right next to Village Grocer.

P.S: Haven't been online for a long time during this CNY break, I am BACK!!!

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Sean said...

interesting, i actually always assumed this place was a halal/pork-free kopitiam (similar to pappa rich). looks like they have the important ingredients that i love (pork AND cockles!) :D

iamthewitch said...

Oh I think I saw Hometown kopitiam around somewhere else before. It looks like one of those chain restaurants like Old Town/Papparich so I didnt try. But from yr post it looks like a place that I should go check out soon!! :)

J said...

Its always so nice when the food takes you by surprise (in a good way).

Didn't realise it's non-Halal too. Will check it out if I'm in the area. :)

Hayley said...

I heard so much about Sunway Giza but havent got the chance to step in yet.. Heard its very happening at night? hehe..

jason said...

Been here once and the food were quite okay but personally, I think the price is slightly high

eiling lim said...

interesting, didn't know that this shop exists. the prawns looked big too. hey you haven't been updating for a long time!

choi yen said...

A place that i wont step in cause it's not outstanding if compare to other restaurant in Sunway Giza :P But due to ur + comment, I would like to have a try :)

thule a.k.a leo said...

Sean - yes!! It's non-halal :)

iamthewitch - don't know if they manage to maintain the quality or not

J - wait for your post

hayley - quite happening.. parking is quite easy to find too!

jason - well, most places in Sunway Giza are quite expensive.. I think it's their rental

eiling - sorry.. CNY mood :)

choiyen - go and try la.. but no promise coz it was quite a long time ago! Hope they maintain the standard

Life for Beginners said...

Yay for them having pork! :D

JoinMe said...

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