Monday, November 30, 2009

Restoran Sun Huat Kee @ Lucky Garden, Bangsar

I used to come to Lucky Garden in Bangsar often in the past few years. Jenn used to stay nearby when she was still a student so she always have breakfast here. As for me, it was when we bought ourselves a lovely home in BU that she introduced me to this area. Why??? Because we have to pass by Bangsar on the way to her workplace in Mid Valley. Lucky Garden is the best bet to eat breakfast as not many options can be found in Telawi area.

One beautiful morning, both of us had something to do in Bangsar area. Initially we wanted to go to Rice Cafe but it was still closed (it was about 8.30am at that time), so we came to this place instead. During my many visits to these restaurants along this stretch in Lucky Garden, there was not many eateries worth mentioning. Not that the food was bad or anything, it is just decent.

The interior of the restaurant is very simple with many stalls plying their trade here.

Jenn had the pork ball noodle or sam kan zhong in Cantonese... dry version. Taste-wise was OK but it only came with one thin slice of roasted sausage and the pork ball that came separately in another bowl of clear soup was not "Q" or bouncy enough. Even the minced meat was pale (not fragrant enough) in comparison with my favourite in Win Heng Seng. When it comes to this particular dish, I can be very picky as I always compare to my all-time favourite in Jalan Imbi.

My order of yee mee with fish balls was mediocre. The fish balls lacked the bouncy texture that I love while the yee mee was over-cooked, resulting in soft and mushy texture.

Apparently, the famous Soo Kee (Jalan Imbi) has opened a branch here in Sun Huat Kee. Available only for lunch till late night, I read that it cost approx. RM30 onwards per pax. Quite steep if you ask me :) The one I had in Jalan Imbi last time cost almost RM20 only! I guess it's the price to pay for dining in Bangsar??? Better stick to Pan Heong I reckon!

Leo's verdict - parking is relatively easy to find in the morning if you plan to eat breakfast here. If you are not picky with the food and wish to have quick and decent breakfast, then you can check out a few restaurants here. Just don't expect too much OK?


thenomadGourmand said...

Hahah..I can imagine how those dishes must have tasted like!
Better luck nx time maybe?

did u try the shop along the same road that has the S'wak laksa?

As for Pan Heong, I certainly dont mind atr round!

Sean said...

oooh there's a soo kee branch here? yay, now can get a sang har meen fix in bangsar :D
while u were eating, i was definitely sleeping...
u caught one of the customers staring right into your camera when u took that shot =)

thule a.k.a leo said...

becky - nah.. dun think that they will ever improve the food :) about Pan Heong, hafta go early coz I hate queueing up for food!

sean - the "one of the customers" is Jenn :) lol!!!

~Christine~Leng said...

not too good? ;) have always wanted to go to lucky garden for the famous sarawak laksa but yet to do so ;P

qwazymonkey said...

Actually there are a couple of good places to makan at Lucky Garden:

1. Nam Chuan - nice kopitiam with an array of food to keep your tummy happy. Try Sarawak Laksa, Wantan Noodle, the rojak & popiah stall from the 5 foot way. But don't bring lil princess.

2. Restaurant Sin Lai Ping on the bend of Lrg Ara Kiri 3 is good for Tai Chow in the evening. They have a satay store with commendable satay while u wait for your dishes or noodles.

3. Right across from Sin Lai Ping is a row of shack which has good local indian delicacies like Om Shakti's Apam with creamy Santan (best in the world!) and Poomy's Puttu.

Damn, I'm salivating already!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

the imbi is atrociously expensive also..esp if u ask for extra meat balls..havent had it for very long d..last time mom always tapau from that stall..

CUMI & CIKI said...

soo kee.. not soo kee's son?! LOL..
(thule, why never call ciki go makan:P)

thule a.k.a leo said...

christine - hmmm.. I tried that but I didn't have long lasting memory on that dish. Maybe it's just me :)

qwazymonkey - heard about Sin Lai Ping from bangsar babe and my wifey too but have yet to go there

joe - better stick to pan heong huh??

cumi&ciki - dunno.. it stated Soo Kee :P and to date, I only have FBB, Unka and thenomadGourmand's contacts... I don't have ciki's :)

UnkaLeong said...

I wouldn't trust that Soo Kee sign. Saw the same sign once at Simon's Delights. It was a no show! Lovely pork noodles can be found @Tmn Tun, opposite The Maybank @Burnahuddin Helmi. Near your place mar ;)

Bangsar-bAbE said...

I don't like this coffeeshop. Over-priced and mediocre food. The pork noodles used to be good, but that was when they were in the centre coffeeshop. These days, the standard has dropped tremendously, and the portion is super stingy!! I prefer going to Nam Chuan to eat.