Saturday, September 5, 2009

Pink Sage @ Wisma RA, Jalan Dang Wangi KL

I've been waiting for so long for this day... 30th August 2009. No! Not because of Merdeka eve but because of the meeting with unkaleong and thenomadGourmand. The time was set at 11-ish but due to traffic jam on Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman (it is said that the road in front of Dataran Merdeka was closed to traffic for Merdeka rehearsal which caused the bad crawl), I was a bit late. By the time I reached Pink Sage, I noticed that there were more than 2 of them. Parked my car, and walked to introduce myself to everyone... Becky (finally got to meet this girl), YinYin (brought along her mom who happened to be very nice too), and Lionel! Nice to meet you all!!!

I didn't eat anything for breakfast in the morning and therefore I was very hungry. Most of them had already placed their orders and thenomadGourmand aka Rebecca had even finished a slice of cake >:( grrrr!!!

We quickly browsed through the menu and ordered our brunch... Jenn went for the Egg Benedict with Salmon! She just loves how the perfectly poached egg with runny yolks on top of the french bread and topped with smoked salmon and Hollandaise sauce. It's a perfect way to start the morning for her! YinYin also had the same dish :)

I settled for the super duper large Brunch Plate... my oh my! It was really HUGE! What I got for paying RM32.50 were mushroom omelette, 2 rather long chicken sausages, 2 pcs of smoked salmon with mayonnaise on bread, 3-stack buttermilk pancakes (complete with strawberry and cream), hash brown (supposed to be beef brisket but I can't take beef so they replaced it)... Everything was great! Chicken sausage was just like other sausages out there, hash brown was crispy and not oily (I love that!), pancakes were fluffy and great to go with the strawberry jam, mushroom omelette was simply divine, but it would be perfect if they didn't put mayonnaise on top of the smoked salmon (not a big fan of mayonnaise)! By the way, I think that I have gained another kilo after the meal...

Lionel had the greasy breakfast which comprised of fried egg with corned beef, hash brown, streaky beef brisket and fried tomatoes. But I hardly saw anything greasy with the dish!

Yinyin's mom had the stacked breakfast... with eggs, lamb sausage (you can opt for beef or chicken too), beef brisket, potatoes, mushrooms, beans and toasts. Thumbs up from the lady and echoed by her daughter :) They shared everything!!!

Unkaleong and becky had the 3-stacked buttermilk pancakes. From the outlook itself, one could not resist ordering it... it looked so fluffy and mouthwatering.

Becky in the background pouring strawberry jam on the pancakes while everyone including me started to take pictures!

Unkaleong had been waiting till 12pm to order their lunch menu... fish fillet burger was on his mind this time! The fillet was great! Fresh ingredients and one big crispy fillet sandwiched between two burger buns.

Unka post for the floggers to take picture of him biting the burger. You should have seen how big his mouth was!! Lol...

Some of the drinks included strawberry lychee and peach, avocado & lychee... reminder - the drinks can be quite filling!

Last but not least - Unkaleong, thenomadGourmand and me!!! Let me say this again... it's nice to meet you (^_^)

Leo's verdict - truly happy to meet up with people who have the common passion - FOOD!!! If not for my baby who was crying (sleepy), we would have stayed longer to chat... sorry guys for taking off so early! Catch up again next time OK? Cheers!


J2Kfm said...

hey, i shouldnt have missed this one. sigh ...
that buttermilk pancakes look like a killer!!!!
the other breakfast sets are equally as enticing, i bet everyone skipped lunch (or maybe dinner?) thereafter.

Sean said...

my office is only 5 mins walk from pink sage, but i think u guys will end up going more often than me! :D
a very sinful brunch! so much eggs & bacon and sauces and carbs, haha. i haven't eaten yet today but i already feel full after looking at your pics.

Yin said...

Hello there
It was nice meeting you and your family Leo, I've been reading your blog entries for a few months...been wanting to try out the fish head curry you blogged about recently!

I loved the cake and the buttermilk pancakes and my mum had fun with everyone else :) She's more happening than me yunno, listens to Hitz FM (and can even sing along) whereas I just listen to Light & Easy on the radio. Heheh.

Wah...I haven't posted up anything yet on Pink Sage...supposed to do so but am now working on a story for Footloose, the Pacesetter's newsletter, so till then, need to focus, focus, focus.

I've also shared this blog posting with Lionel...He's still trying to understand why we foodies take so many pix of food. LOL!

thenomadGourmand said...

hey hey!! Nice FINALLY meeting u too!
We muz plan atr one soon tho! cos i didn't really get to talk to u the otr day, Heehhe..

Sorry bt the cake be honest i barely took a few mouthfuls! Yin n Unka polished it off ;p

lionel87 said...

Hahaha...quite true. It has been hard trying to figure out why all of you get so obsessed with food. Like detailing all the fine details, which at least I, don't see :p. But I must say the food was good stuff. Good change from hawker food, which is what I'm so used to:p.

Great meeting you guys. Will love to meet up again:D

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

the big breakfast looks awesome la..perfect for a hangover..

UnkaLeong said...

Sure....blame it one me :P No worries bro, plenty more makan places to explore ;) Nice meeting your wife and baby girl as well.

thule a.k.a leo said...

j2kfm - I think it's only me la.. my brunch plate is so huge that I didn't take dinner afterwards! that's why next time u gotta join us

sean - u always go far far but those near to your office.. u never go hoh??

yin - take your time ok??? will wait for your post :)

becky - lol! really? and i tot that u were the culprit :)

lionel87 - me too... hahaha! Hawker food is cheap and nice if u know where to find them :) most of the time I'll hunt for peng,leng,jeng food.. occasionally will go for slightly expensive ones

joe - believe me... u will be stuffed soon after!!! I didn't take my dinner after that

unka - can't wait till the next outing :)

savante said...

That brunch plate looks super delish! Gotta try it.