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Monday, March 8, 2010

Nasi Ayamui @ Jerantut Pahang

After posting on Krabi, it's time to get back on track... clearing up my backlogs which has been put aside for quite a long time. Been wanting to write after Chinese New Year but my hectic schedule has not been too nice to me. Went up North last weekend using the coastal road starting from Kuala Selangor up to Butterworth but didn't take any photo of some of the amazing restaurants that I'd gone to, because it was not convenient for me to take pictures in front of my customers.

Anyway, my friend had told me about a famous chicken rice restaurant in Jerantut. On my way back to Kuala Lipis, I passed by this little quiet town again. The clock showed 3++pm which was already past lunch time. Feeling hungry, I decided to try my luck to search for this place. It wasn't long before I spotted this sign.

How do I know that this IS the place??? For one, it is located next to the famous Guan Yin temple in Jerantut.

Lucky for me, it was still opened at that time... we were actually the very last customers of the day. The lady owner was kind enough to accommodate us even though she was preparing to call it a day. While she prepared our order, I started to utilise my camera.

She only had a fried chicken left so it left me no choice but to go with that selection... half of it to be precise. From the look, it looked very tempting!

Complimentary acar was given but it was forgetable.

The stewed eggs served as perfect side dish for our meal.

The half chicken came in a plate drizzled with sweet soy sauce. The skin was crispy while the meat retained its moist and very tender too. Perfect comfort food to my hungry stomach!

Leo's verdict - No doubt that this is the best chicken rice shop in Jerantut but I wouldn't suggest you to drive all the way to Jerantut JUST for the dish. They had opened a branch somewhere near the town area but I didn't get the exact location. Apparently they had tried expanding to Puchong area (the new parking mall opposite IOI Mall) but was closed several months later due to the poor crowd. Find your fav chicken rice shop to fix your cravings


Sean said...

yay, u're back!
too bad the puchong outlet didn't last long, since puchong is only a 15-min drive from my home...

Rebecca Saw said...

Ok.. ermm..if i'm ever in Jerantut I guess i knw where to get some decent chic rice!
And yea, my finicky tastebuds passed the Hennessy Lor mee plc. So u should definitely visit! call me along too!
Eh i cant wait to try the Pink Sage at Solaris!

UnkaLeong said...

Chicken Rice to me is the ultimate comfort food :) Maybe we can go on a quest to look for the best chicken rice in the Klang Valley!

J said...

Welcome back Leo. Work hard but dont forget about your health, ok? Take care and eat more yummy food. :)

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Welcome back, Leo! It's always nice to discover good food like this when one is one the road. At least now, you've got more choices when you've got hunger pangs along the way, eh?

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

long enough break my friend, start bloggin!

eiling lim said...

I only want ze stewed eggs! Not really into chickens... hehe

Ciki said...

wah! you took the whole chicken?! lol.. great stuff.. happy for you that u cleared ur travel posts. i REALLY need to get back to Borobudur! LOL