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Monday, February 22, 2010

Crispiest Siew Yoke Ever + Krabi's Street Food

Dinner on our 3rd evening was a disaster, so I won't talk about it at all... plus the fact that we went snorkelling in the afternoon itself, the below average dinner didn't help to satisfy our hunger. Oh well, better luck next time I guess. On our 4th day, it was time for us to go to Krabi's outskirts (out of Ao Nang)... Khlong Thom Hot Spring + Emerald Pool + Tiger Cave Temple to be exact! Initially we were planning to go with the tour group but knowing that the itinerary is limited, we deviced a brilliant plan by engaging the service of one hotel worker (where we stayed) who was on leave on Saturday. He sacrificed his off day just to drive us to where we wanted to go.

It was 2pm by the time we came out from the hot spring and all of us were feeling hungry. We asked So (the guide) to look for one restaurant in Khlong Thom town. As it was only a small town, it didn't take long before we spotted this particular restaurant by the side of the main road. It was definitely what was displayed at the main entrance that attracted us like a bee to the honey.

Crunchy siew yoke (roasted pork) got the most of my attention.

Also the fried fish fillet and pork sausage.

Now knowing which dish to be ordered, we let So to make the decision for us.. started with Tom Yam Goong. Spicy, slightly sourish.. it opened up our appetites immediately.

Also the clear soup with seafood

Curry fish fillet - for those who love basil, you will love this dish. It was so aromatic and full of flavour that we couldn't stop eating it.

Khao pad - this was something that I learned before coming to Krabi. Being a fan of fried rice, we ordered this dish and it didn't disappoint. Full of wok hei with distinctive spicy sauce, we ordered another plate to share among us.

Highlight of our lunch - stir fried kai lan with the siew yoke. The meat still retained its crispy-ness despite being soaked in the gravy for some time. Kailan on the other hand was very fresh too!!!

Fried egg - as simple as it gets! Crispy on the outside while soft and moist on the inside, an addictive dish. They threw in dried tomatoes as well.

Leo's verdict - Sorry as I don't have the address nor contact for this restaurant. But you can look at the red & green roof as a pointer. Most of the time, you won't be taken to this place if you follow tour as they would bring you to eat outside the hot spring itself where the choices are limited too. We paid only 700 baht for the meal and went to Tiger Cave Temple full and satisfied!

At night it was time to visit Krabi town! We went to the Walking Street at Sukhon Soi 10 which had converted into our version of pasar malam during the weekends. Needless to say, expect cheap street food here. Not going to elaborate much but these pictures will mark the end of my Krabi post here. Enjoy!!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Fabulous som tam + BBQ chicken & Aree Ba Ba Seafood

After having one of the best meals in Ao Nang on our first day, we were looking forward to our second day. We had breakfast most of our times in Aree Tara Hotel (where we stayed) and to tell the truth, the selection was not that extensive and just mediocre. Even though my favourite BACON was practically unlimited, other things just simply failed to excite my taste bud.

So what we did is to rent a bike which only cost 200 baht for the whole day. And I can assure you that it will be the best mode of transportation while you are in Ao Nang, unless you are planning to drive far. Of course, you can always choose to walk a few kilometres on feet, under the scorching sun. But I think that I had enough of the sun back here in Malaysia so thanks, but no thanks.

On our way back to Ao Nang after 2 hours in Susan Hoi, we saw this stall selling papaya salad or commonly known as som tam plus tasty-looking BBQ chicken & fish. There is no signage so I don't know its name.. there is absolutely no need to locate this stall as there are many stalls along Ao Nang main road up to Noppharat Thara Bay that sell this traditional Thai fare. The trick is to see which stall that has the most local swarm at... and this is exactly what we did! Most of you should know that som tam is Thai salad comprising mainly shredded young papaya, with peanut, tomato, bird eye chilly and local spices. As usual, my order of som tam must be "ped ped" :) coupled with a pair of BBQ chicken thigh, our lunch couldn't be better.

We spent the rest of the afternoon going around Ao Nang, went to Noppharat Thara Bay and also Thai massage. We waited for this before going out to search for dinner. Initially we planned to go to the famous Ao Nang Seafood Street which is facing the beach of Ao Nang for dinner but the high price tag for their selections changed everything.

All of us were very hungry and therefore I took out my Krabi food guide which I pulled from the internet and found this rather funny name.. Aree Baba. It didn't take us a long time to locate this place, as it's located opposite McDonald. Their selection of seafood was not bad, although not as impressive as Ao Nang Seafood Street. You can choose your own seafood in front of the restaurant and they will prepare it right away.

Everything looked fresh

The tiger prawns were huge and cost only 150 baht/100g.

They had a few hut-like dining area in front of the restaurants.

Barbequed squid @ 125 baht - simply delicious! Squeeze the lime onto the squid and dip into the spicy sauce... a great way to start our dinner

Pork satay @ 110 baht for 10 pcs - forget this dish. Tasted mediocre and the meat was not-so-tender. The accompanying peanut sauce was bland as well.

Tom Yam Goong @ 140 baht - the prawns were fresh. However, the soup was a tad salty (which was fine for me by the way). Not as good as Lae Lay's version

Fried pakachad @ 140 baht - this veggie had a crunchy texture but Jenn said it was quite tough to chew.

Fried rice with shrimp paste @ 120 baht - is this what you called fried rice?? LOL.. more like economy rice :P

Steamed mussel in a pot @ 120 baht -as original as it gets for its flavour. Its clear soup was very sweet too

Oyster @ 50 baht per piece - fresh! Squeeze the lime, add some shallots and chilly sauce... good to go!

Deep fried red snapper in Thai chilly sauce @ 200 baht - crunchy skin, firm + flaky meat and sweet Thai chilly sauce... appetising!

Highlight of the evening - barbequed tiger prawns with garlic pepper sauce @ 700 baht. I'll let the picture to do the talking

Leo's verdict - total bill came at 1800 baht (no service + VAT here) to our delight. No great view of the beach but our stomachs felt pampered. Burppppp!!!!