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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Peranakan Food @ Bibik Neo

This was my second time eating Peranakan food while in Melaka, the first one being in Ole Sayang (also in Melaka Raya) a few months back. I didn't bring camera at that time and therefore I didn't manage to blog about that place. This time, I made sure that my trusty Ixus was in my bag before starting my business trip. Coming out from Chuang Chun Herbal, it was still sunny and hot along Jalan Merdeka.

Finally this restaurant was opened for business... from the outside, you can notice that its design was influenced by the Peranakan culture.

A few tables were already taken by the time we entered the restaurant. We were served relatively quick as the dinner crowd had not come in yet. Observing around, the interior was kept simple without any fancy decoration or design. Wooden tables were covered with plastic cloth... I suspect that everything was kept original from day one, of course with some minor refurbishment from time to time.

Then I spotted the tikar placed on top of the ceiling.. I asked the waitress and she proudly announced that it was unique as they were the only restaurant that did the ceiling that way!

Complimentary prawn crackers were served once we placed our order. Crispy and non-oily.

It didn't take too long before the dishes came, starting with the nyonya version of otak-otak. Taste-wise it was similar to those Muar but personally, I thought it was great! A lot of fish meat inside, generous portion and how could I forget? The smell of lemongrass...

Chicken devil with potatoes - please skip this dish as there was absolutely tasteless apart from being spicy. The meat was tender and soft though!

Omelette with cincalok (small shrimps) - a bit oily but it was OK for me. This dish was absolutely appetising despite being a bit salty.

Prawn lemak nanas - highlight of the day! The aroma of pineapple in the curry gravy plus the fresh prawns had me adding another bowl of rice (something which I normally wouldn't do unless it's that damn good!)

Bendi steam with sambal belacan - simple concept but the secret lies with the sambal belacan that was quite spicy but went very well with the bendi.

Itik Tim - this is basically duck soup with salted vegetable. Those who like salted veggie definitely love this soup but the duck meat was tasteless and quite tough to chew.

Leo's verdict - One of the few famous authentic Nyonya restaurants in Melaka Raya. My friend even said that a trip down to Melaka is not complete without trying the Peranakan food. He's right!

Restoran Bibik Neo @ Jalan Merdeka, Melaka Raya (just a few doors away from Chuang Chun Herbal ;)


Rebecca Saw said...

hhmmm...think i will skip this tho..
since the devil chic is not good! Its a signature dish, how can it be mediocre??

Sean said...

the dish i always look for at nyonya restaurants is ayam buah keluak. but it's really difficult to find nowadays, even in malacca!

thule a.k.a leo said...

becky - it's based on my personal taste... actually I expected my chicken to taste like curry. That's why I was disappointed. My Melaka friend dig this dish to the finish... I walloped the rest :)

sean - I forgot if there's this dish or not in the menu. Will take a look next time ok?

Unknown said...

i've tried Ole Sayang as well. nothing fancy, kinda disappointing.
though my aunt who's a tour guide, kept on heaping praises on the restaurant.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

sounds like u didnt like some but liked others..but in any case, only ONCE in a blue moon will i end up in places like melaka.. =)

Ciki said...

hey ho! i luv this place too.. oldie but a goodie! sometimes not so fantastic, but hey, the owner is so nice.. and I love the pretty shoes to sell.. do they still sell the beaded shoes? LOL

thule a.k.a leo said...

j2kfm - well, like ciki said... sometimes they are fantastic, sometimes not :) my experience here was rather good so I have no complains so far.

joe - remember, no peranakan food.. don't tell anyone that you've been to melaka ok?? lol...

cumi&ciki - I didn't pay any attention to their merchandise :) but I agree that they are both oldie and goodie!

~Christine~Leng said...

we passed by bibik neo on our way searching for peranakan food! Ended up at Makko instead ;P

Leon Koh said...

great blog!!!you have a reader from singaopre too :)

thule a.k.a leo said...

christine - it's alright.. u can always come here the next time :)

leon koh - thanks man! hope to see you here more often