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Monday, October 25, 2010


Truth to be told... I have never imagined to buy (or some might call it upgrade) iPhone4 after using iPhone 3GS for slightly more than a year! Prior to the iPhone, I had been using Nokia phone most of my life (of course, from the date I started to use mobile phone). Having friends who are iPhone fanatics aren't helping much either. Most of their conversations revolve around Apple's phenomenon that has got a lot of people around the world to contact this so-called iPhone-fever.

For me, I bought iPhone for few reasons;
1) LOOK - I think most of you will agree if I say that iPhone is gorgeous.. well, except for those diehard Blackberry users who stick by their belief
2) Functions - good picture quality (let's not compare to digicam or DSLR ok?), smooth flowing graphic (bye bye Nokia), sensitive touch screen that I absolutely adore and lots more
3) Apps - hundreds or perhaps thousands of applications that are made available for iPhone! You have seen the ads, you know the drill :)

Then my brothers and sisters and some other friends started to poison me with their Blackberry... I almost bought one unit but in the end, after a teh tarik session with my ex-colleague who has been using iPhone since day One.. it didn't take much persuasion to make me believe in iPhone once again! Went to Maxis TTDI one Thursday to enquire about the availability... guess what! They still have some stocks.. registered my name, waited for more than 2 hours before finally getting my latest gadget! You have no idea on how crazy those people are... I have seen one guy buying 4 units of iPhone4 for his family (he just sat next to me).

So here I am... using a new iPhone4! My wife who had ordered Blackberry Bold for me as secret present (my birthday was yesterday by the way) had to cancel the order and offered to buy me accessories instead... and hence the silicon casing which is useful as my Sher Ryn loves to throw my iPhone. Now I only have anti-glare screen protector to buy hopefully by this weekend!

I have a confession to make - I have actually JAILBREAK-ed the iPhone on the same day that I got it! my friend helped me to do it in less than 10 minutes! I couldn't believe my eyes to see how simple it could be. Hopefully Patrick, one of my best friends who happen to be Apple's Sales Manager, didn't read this!! LOL!

But on the other side, I can now download a lot of applications that I have not been able to buy in the past... starting with Papago M7 GPS (USD20), Street Fighter (USD7), Documents to Go (USD17), and other exciting apps waiting for me to explore :P

anyone on iPhone4 as well???

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Sean said...

hey, your phone history is nearly the same as mine! i was using nokia phones between 1999 and 2010. only switched to the 3gs this year, partly since i'm already on maxis, and they had reasonable-looking packages for the iphone. don't think i'll upgrade to 4 anytime soon though. not really into gadgets, heheh :D

qwazymonkey said...

Welcome to the iPhone 4 club bro! Must be the best bday present ever isn't it?

Question, why do you need to jailbreak yours when you can get the same apps off the App Store for the same prices without jailbreaking it?

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

i just ordered mine, but the waiting list is 6 weeks!!!

UnkaLeong said...

I must be one of the few people left still hanging on to a Nokia. Hahaha!

thule a.k.a leo said...

Sean - believe me... your iPhone 3GS can fetch around RM1300-1500 depending on specs and conditions in the market. With the iValue plan, technically you aren't making any loss at all!

qwazymonkey - Well, actually I bought it myself.. not Jenn :) I don't understand your question... the reason I jailbreak my iPhone is to download apps without having to pay any single cent! Imagine paying USD10 for a game and USD20 for Papago GPS... I am downloading heaps of games and other apps that I have been eyeing in the past :P

Joe - yup! It can get that CRAZY!!!

Unka - LOL! I am contemplating to switch back to Nokia but then, I miss out on the great apps! perhaps u wanna check iPhone instead??

J said...

Now I feel like my iPhone 3gs is so outdated! :)

eiling lim said...

wah congrats on the new phone! Am sure you'll love the iPhone... i very jealous!

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Congrats on getting a new phone. :-) Confessing to jailbreaking? Ooooh. hehe.

thule a.k.a leo said...

J - lol! change it then... ur 3GS can still fetch good price in secondary market! Try mudah... at least RM1300 and above depending on condition :)

eiling - well, I love playing Street Fighter :P

LL - yeah! what to do? Dont' wanna pay too much for those apps! have you changed yours?

vialentino said...

firstly...i am so sorry that i am out from blogging for weeks and did not visit here. so sorry. work really killing me off lately.

envy u lah....love iphone 4!

Ciki said...

www.. how cute.. cannot get over the image of Sher Ryn who loves to throw ur iPhone!! happy with ur new toy?

My Taste Heaven said...

congrats on the new phone!

自拍a片 said...