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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Favola @ Le Meridien Hotel KL

I think that the first blog I read on Favola was through Sean's eatdrinkkl. I wondered where this new restaurant was located until I realised that al-nafourah was closed and replaced by Favola. Soon more and more bloggers started to flock to the new Italian restaurant and came back with good reviews. Well, if self-proclaimed Italian food lovers like Sean raved about this place, what could possibly go wrong right??

So one night when Sher Ryn was under my in-law's supervision, Jenn & I came here for a date! We used to go out on date a lot in the past, and dating was something that I love to do with someone I love. Don't get me wrong, my definition of dating is very simple - does not necessarily means going out for expensive meal or vacation. What matters to me was the fact that there were just the two of us spending time together, chatting the night away. Since Sher Ryn was born, those opportunities got lesser and lesser. That's why I treasure the time that both of us had together :)

I must have not come here for a long time as I was surprised to see the entrance of Le Meridien's brightly lid with artworks. Googling further, I plagiarised alilfatmonkey's description of this artwork "Earlier this year, Le Méridien Kuala Lumpur has transformed its hotel entrance into an art portal, commissioning the unique work of Chinese artist, An Xiaotong entitled ‘Everywhere’. Upon arrival at the hotel, guests are welcomed with striking colours displayed at the hotel entrance and ceiling along a narrow walkway. With the intention of resetting the guests’ mind when entering the hotel, the art piece features extended branches in bold red branches against electric blue to exemplifies a network of cities that spans everywhere throughout the world." Credit has to be given to this profilic and funny blogger :)

Taking the lift to Level 8 where the Middle Eastern restaurant Al-Nafourah once operated, we were shown to our table (why? You think that I would risk not having table on weekend evening? Hell no... I made reservation two days earlier)

Complimentary breads with 3 different dippings were absolutely spot on - one of the best in town. The breads were freshly baked and the variety of dippings were delicious enough to whet my appetite to gorge on the main course later.

After cracking my head, I settled for Risotto con Aragosta @ RM45 - lobster, lemon zest, and green pea foam. What I love about this dish was the distinctive taste of the lobster.. the portion was generous and I loved it to bits! Risotto lovers take note :)

Jenn's choice of Conchiglioni marinata al cartoccio @ RM40 was a right one - baked parcels with seafood (clams, scallops & lobsters to name a few), extra virgin olive oil, fresh herbs and tangy tomato sauce. Topped with melted cheese on top, shell pastas were used to "trap" the sweet & flavourful sauce and went straight into your mouth. The result??? Fantastic is all that I can think of to describe this dish!

I was in the mood for something alcoholic so I ordered this Vibetini @ RM30 - lychee, sugar syrup, vodka and a dash of midori. Sweet but I think that the alcohol content was not potent enough!

Cassata @ RM20 - layered ice-cream with a few different type of flavour. The recipe remained a secret that Chef Antoine & his friend (who gave him the recipe and made him swear not to reveal it) know. I wonder why all of you didn't try it as this was perhaps one of the best ice-cream I'd tasted in my life!!!

Leo's verdict - Before my starwood card expires end of Sept 2010, I definitely will come here to savour on their other dishes again! Two thumbs up for Favola as it made into my Top 10 Italian restaurants!


Sean said...

phew, glad to hear u liked (almost) everything! yeah, this is one of those places where 80 percent of the menu sounds interesting enough to try! :D
guess it might even be harder to find 'dating' time after the second baby is born? but hopefully, at least once a month to recharge your batteries and just enjoy each other's company :D

thule a.k.a leo said...

Sean - visit Favola again before it expires end of Sep ok???

J said...

Great that you had a yummy time there. :)
(Oooh. I spotted that AWESOME truffle laced creamy white sauce for the bread in your photo. Just looking at it makes me drool)

Babe_KL said...

we just got our starwood card, i guess still hv plenty of time to check this out LOL

PureGlutton said...

Nice date you had there ;-) Hmmm... that risotto looked good, even tho i'm not really a fan of risotto!

Paranoid Android said...

I have never been to Favola before! I think it deserves a visit.

vialentino said...

hey bro...i amazed by the ambience from ur pics ....dun seem like dining in KL only...but like in overseas .... how is the food price like?

thule a.k.a leo said...

J - are you going back there anytime soon??

babe_kl - LOL! Of course... 12 months

pureglutton - then try the pasta :) or pizza.. after all, they are Italian

PA - easily accessible via LRT too

vialentino - it's Italian fine dining in hotel so should be more expensive, similar to Villa Danieli of Imperial KL and Prego of The Westin KL

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

must go get some risotto for my 1st dinner in australia!!

qwazymonkey said...

Phew! Like Sean said, lucky you liked the dinner here. But it shouldn't be way too off lah. I've been back a few times and the food quality consistent. I love the Lobster rissotto too.

Thanks for plagiarizing my write up which I plagiarize from the press release. LOL

Bangsar-bAbE said...

Gah...I have yet to go. Seems like everyone has tried favola. :(

vialentino said...

i tried the prego at westin htoel...not bad the food...yeah, can see from the ambience and the food quality

anyway, about the movida...i need to get advanced approval from my wife in order to attend....is not easy to go out with baby or kid in ur family...understand that....facing same issue here

eiling lim said...

I must have been the last person to Favola. I have not even step foot there ever since it opened!

thule a.k.a leo said...

joe - will wait for your first post in Aussie!

qwazymonkey - LOL... I didn't realise that you plagiarised too :P

bangsar babe - take your time :) make sure you go there with empty stomach!

vialentino - don't you just love Prego's complimentary bread and dipping sauce? I could have eaten it all by myself!

eiling - the restaurant is not running away :)

Ciki said...

lovely review and great photography to boot!

Rebecca Saw said...

Went there for dinner once and atr time for the lunch buffet (whc is really worth it).
Our dinner ws lamb shank & then I had the cassata.
End of it all, I liked the bread the most ;p