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Monday, May 17, 2010

Little Penang Kafe @ KLCC

I must have not gone to KLCC for a VERY long time! The evidence shows when I stepped in front of Little Penang Kafe.. located on the same floor as Kinokuniya. "Isn't this is where Rain Nudle House supposed to be?" I thought to myself. When I asked Pat, he replied "Wah!! It has been replaced by Little Penang Cafe for quite some time already".

As it was lunch time, the place was almost packed to the brim. But we still manage to find a table for four of us. The interior, tables and chairs were identical to their Mid Valley and The Curve outlets.

Choice wasn't that hard to make since I normally ordered the very same dish everytime I dined here - their signature Char Kuey Teow @ RM9.80. For the price, you got a rather big plate of CKT, with cockles, plump bean sprouts, egg all thrown in and lastly topped with crab meat (not those pretentious crab flavoured stick out there) which was like a bonus. Let me see.. wok hei (check!), moderately spicy (check!) Enough to whet my appetite :)

Jenn went for their Chicken Nasi Lemak @ RM9.80 - a simple dish with a piece of chicken rendang. However, she loved it when the rice was served fluffy hot and the aroma of pandan burst out. With compulsory chrunchy anchovies and peanuts that accompanied each and every mouth, this favourite meal of Malaysian is a true delight to eat!

Normally I would only order a glass of water for my meal, but this time my sweet tooth got the better of me. So I ordered a delicious bowl of Cendol @ RM4.50. Sweet note to end the satisfying lunch here.

Lime Juice @ RM4.50... Jenn wanted to quench her thirst and so she got herself a glass of lime juice @ RM4.50 but soon regretted her decision. We were told of an interesting fact while in Krabi. Lime is as we know, very sour if the juice is to be consumed alone. Therefore, a lot of sugar has to be used in order to counter the sourness. This is not good for our health right?

Leo's verdict - One of the next best place to savour Penang delights for those people who don't have time to drive all the way up North. With so many restaurants in Klang Valley that claim to serve authentic Penang food, not many have succeeded in standing against the test of time like Little Penang Cafe. For me, a simple 5 minute drive from my house to The Curve is all I need to enjoy my favourite plate of CKT (plus it's air-conditioned which is a plus). This lunch in KLCC actually reminded me on how long I have not been to their outlet in The Curve.


Sean said...

it's been years since i've visited this chain, but i have fond memories of their food too! i wonder if they will oblige if i request extra cockles in the ckt! :D

Rebecca Saw said...

Ahh.. CKT & Nasi Lemak - Malaysian no doubt!

Lets go try the one in Atria..I liked the nyonya dishes there.. more ppl can order more! ;p

Ciki said...

still packed huh this place?!

ur baby looks so CUTE!!!

J said...

Wah lau wei - it's so packed!
(Business so good!)

Babe_KL said...

you shld put away your fear of KL traffic and come down more! heh :p

eiling lim said...

that cafe is always full and crowded. I actually like their prawn noodle very much but it's getting pricier and pricier. sigh...

Kenny Mah said...

Always crowded? I guess it's cos it's dependable, that's why. New restaurants will come and go, but Malaysian diners will flock to old favourites that are consistent in quality.

Me + Devil like their prawn noodles! :)