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Monday, April 19, 2010

Rak Thai @ The Gardens Mid Valley

I love Thai! Love their culture (always polite with a smile!), love their people (ever friendly), love their country (with so many beautiful places to go) and most importantly... love their food! I'd say this before but I don't mind saying it again... after Chinese, my next fav is Thai food!! Just can't get enough of them :)

One of my favourite places to eat Thai food is Rak Thai located in The Garden Mid Valley. Rak Thai literally means "Love Thai" in English. After a few trips to The Land of Smiles, I could speak a few basic Thai words. Of course, I would never ever compare to those of Unkaleong or Paranoid Android who speak almost fluent Thai. The 2 guys spent a few years in Thailand!! Me??? Just went to Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Krabi for holiday so far :P

Back to the topic... Rak Thai is actually located somewhere in the middle of LG level of Mid Valley and The Garden itself. The first time we went there, The Garden has not officially opened for business yet. I remember having kickass som tam here and that was it.

Back for the second time, I noticed that business was brisk for this restaurant but not to the extent that we had to wait for table. The place was spacious and service was rather fast. Some of the workers are actually Thai and were more than happy to serve me when I spoke basic Thai with them :)

Some of the local Thai produce such as chilly paste and fish paste were sold there. To those who love to cook Thai food, they offer variety of products to choose from.

A dedicated place to make the delectable som tam.

And also mango sticky rice. The sight of those sweet mango proved too much to resist.

Since it was lunch time, we ordered their Set Lunch for 2 which was priced at RM39.60++. For the price, these are what you will get:

1) Rak Thai platter (2 pcs each) - grilled squid on skewer, pandan chicken and Thai spring roll. Note: the squid and chicken were quite oily but still within acceptable level. Delightful starter!

2) Thai pineapple fried rice - decent dish but appetising enough for me (don't forget that I'm not a fussy eater!)

3) Phad Ki Mau - Thai style of fried kuey teow plus basil leaves, and did I mention rather spicy?

4) Mango sticky rice - sinful dish but it made sure that our lunch ended in sweet note :)

5) 2 iced lemongrass drink - my favourite drink so no complain.

Leo's verdict - plus point is that Rak Thai is located in a shopping mall which made it easier for me to dine whenever I go shopping. With a family, I couldn't be too adventurous these days. Most of the time, I would take Jenn and Sher Ryn out shopping because it's cooler compared going outside. This time I didn't manage to eat the som tam but there will always be next time!


Rebecca Saw said...

i'm a fussy eater ;) so would u recom this plc to me?
my thai choices are alws pandan chic, pineapple fried rice and green curry chic.

eiling lim said...

wah I wanna try this and I am so craving for a lemongrass drink now!

Sean said...

non-fussy eaters, unite! i'm also quite easy to please, when it comes to food :D
actually i can't remember if i've ever tried this place. i'm not a big fan of how thai food tastes, but i must admit that presentation-wise, it's very nice

Ciki said...

LOL, yea i know you LOVE your thai food.. ur always eating thai! eh, me and cumi need to bring u and the wife to eat at Thai Market Font area soon! :D

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

hmm nvr tried this b4..but i prefer pad thai above all noodles..

Babe_KL said...

funny this place never shout to me "come in" each time i passes by :p must try one day and ciki, dun forget to bring us along!!! :D

vialentino said...

ooo...yum yum thai food there...

nice foodie site!

thule a.k.a leo said...

becky - I don't know.. try out yourself :)

eiling - I didn't know that you love lemongrass drink too! high 5

sean - then you might like this place after all

cumi&ciki - I had gone there once actually.. food was great and cheap too :)

joe - try other food lah...

babe_kl - since u go to shopping mall often, you can try this out

vialentino - yeah! thanks for visiting...

Unknown said...

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